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Company List


National association of Italian manufacturers of plants, machines, equipment and semi-finished products, raw materials and services for industry


Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development, Modena

AIMAG s.p.a.

Alcar Uno s.p.a. 

AMA Composites s.r.l.

Angelus s.r.l.

Argo Tractors s.p.a.

Asotech s.r.l.

Beckhoff Automation s.r.l.

BPR Group s.r.l.

Cantauro s.p.a.

Caterpillar prodotti stradali s.r.l.

CevLab s.r.l.

CIMA s.p.a.

CMB Società cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi

CNH Industrial Italia s.p.a.

Comer Industries s.p.a.

Corisit s.r.l.

Crea Energia s.r.l.

Easysnap Technology s.r.l.

ECIE s.r.l.

Edilteco s.p.a.

ELCAM Medical Italy s.p.a.

Enerplan s.p.a.

Exro Technologies Inc.

Federal Mogul Powertrain Italy s.r.l.

Florim s.p.a.

Garc Ambiente s.p.a.

Garc s.p.a.

Generaimprese s.p.a.

Graf Industries s.p.a.

Granterre s.p.a.

Icim Consulting s.r.l.

Ilmas s.p.a.


IOOOTA s.r.l.

Italtractor ITM s.p.a.

Kastamonu Italia s.p.a.

Kerakoll s.p.a.

LB Officine Meccaniche s.r.l.

MA.BO s.r.l.

Mectiles Italia s.r.l.

Metricode s.r.l.

Minerali Industriali Engineering s.r.l.

Motovario s.p.a.

Nexion s.p.a.

Pelliconi & C. s.p.a.

Pibiplast s.p.a.

Pro-Vision group s.r.l.

Rinnai Italia s.r.l.

Sacmi Imola s.c.

Samag Holding Logistics s.p.a.

Schneider Electric s.p.a.

Seaman Paper Italia s.r.l.

Socage s.r.l.

Società Cooperativa Bilanciai

Società cooperativa CPL Concordia

System Ceramics s.p.a.

Tecnogen s.p.a.

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions s.p.a.

Track One s.r.l.

Trebax s.r.l.


Union of Italian Manufacturers of Automatic Packing and Packaging Machines

Voilàp s.p.a.

Zadi s.p.a.

Warrant Hub s.p.a.