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Master’s Degree in Sustainable Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering
that looks to the future

This Master’s Degree Programme, launched in Carpi, is designed for tomorrow’s innovators, ready to play a central role in the transition of companies towards sustainability

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The course

The (MSc) in Sustainable Industrial Engineering (LM-33 – Mechanical Engineering) was created in response to local companies’ demand for highly specialized innovators, who will put sustainability at the heart of their designing.

It is mainly aimed at Bachelor’s Degree holders who have specialized in engineering and preferably in the industrial sector, and will be taught entirely in English.

A course that is innovative in every aspect:

  • cross-sectoral teaching, combining a solid mechanical base with elements of industrial automation, robotics, the IoT, industrial process management, and innovative materials
  • the regular presence of companies throughout the training course and beyond
  • a completely new seat , built specifically inside the brand-new Carpi Technopole.

There are already 60 companies that have subscribed an expression of interest for collaborations, internships and seminars.

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Enrolment is open.
Download the call for applications for the Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Industrial Engineering.

The strong points

Didattica innovativa
Innovative teaching

with a major contribution from industry

The course offers lectures, seminars and laboratory activities in collaboration with business professionals.
It also includes 6-month training internships, geared to employment.

Figure professionali

requested by companies

The course aims to provide increasingly sought-after soft skills: communication, managerial and organizational skills as well as transitional thinking to lead innovation by using cooperative tools for the analysis of complex processes.

Sede e contesto produttivo
Location and production context

inspiring and cutting-edge

A completely new location: the Carpi Technopole, a modern building with reduced energy consumption, a stone’s throw from the town centre and just 15 minutes from Modena, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna’s productive fabric.

A word from Professor Giulio Allesina

Associate Professor
“Enzo Ferrari” Department of Engineering

Study plan

The educational plan, delivered entirely in English, combines design and process contents with cutting-edge topics such as robotics, industrial automation, innovative materials, artificial intelligence, IOT and other subject matters that companies need to achieve the important goal of transition to sustainability.

Find out the plan

To make potential students better understand the distinctive features of the new Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Industrial Engineering, the teachers of the course have created some presentation clips dedicated to the respective teachings.

Watch the videos

Curricular requirements

Titolo di studio
Study qualifications

Foreign students with engineering backgrounds will be welcome.
Candidates shall possess one of the following study qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree or Three-year University Diploma.


Student’s career must satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
– degree obtained with a final mark higher than 2/3 of the maximum;
– degree obtained with grade equivalent to D or higher on the ECTS scale;
– degree obtained with Grade Point Average equivalent grade of 2.0 or higher;
– degree with a grade higher than the tenth percentile for the faculty or university.

Crediti formativi

The curricular requirements for the enrolment will be evaluated by a specific Board, which will analyse the study curriculum submitted.

Lingua inglese
English level

An English CEFR level B2* certification is also mandatory (required only after completing the enrolment procedure).
The certification may also be obtained during the pre-assessment period by 13/12/2023, the deadline for submitting one’s own enrolment application.

*In order to obtain IELTS certification for your English level, contact CLA – Centro Linguistico di Ateneo:

The premises

The course will be held in the brand new Tecnopolo of Carpi, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings boasting a large laboratory area and rooms specifically designed to promote networking among students, study and team working. In greater detail, the new Unimore premises feature:

  • a teaching area comprising 4 lecture classrooms with 150 seats each
  • 3 classrooms with 50 seats each
  • laboratories
  • workshops
  • offices

The premises – built inside the new large Oltreferrovia urban park, designed by Mario Cucinella – are located in a strategic position: just a short walk from the city center of Carpi and next to the railway station, thus enabling to reach the center of Modena in only 15 minutes.

The hospitality

The CR Carpi Foundation and the municipal administration of Carpi have taken steps to help in the hospitality of the students of the course. Fee reductions and discounts available for them.


‘Ganci’ hall or multipurpose hall of the Mac’è youth space, for student events


Museum in Palazzo dei Pio – Free admittance
Municipal theatre – 50% off tickets and season tickets

Music and free time

Musical rehearsal space at the Mac’è youth space


Photocopying and reproduction of materials


Beach volleyball facility
Multi-purpose fields – Futsal
Soccer fielads
Baseball field
Carpi tennis club
Swimming pool ‘O. Campedelli’


Financial aid catering to non-resident students for the purchase of annual travel card for local rail transport: a financial contribution of up to 80% of the expenditure incurred (and in any case not exceeding €300) until the funds available for the 2023-2024 academic year are exhausted. Financial aid will be awarded to entitled students on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.
Discounted travel cards for urban and suburban public bus transport.

Residences for international students

If you want to try to reserve a spot in one of the student accommodations in Modena, please note that this is possible by applying to the “ER.GO. call for benefits and scholarships”. ER.GO. is the Agenzia Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio and offers tuition fee exemption or reductions, accommodation in student residences, and other benefits to all students-to-be who choose UNIMORE.
You can apply by replying to the ER.GO call for ‘scholarships and benefits’. The call has been published on ER.GO.’s website: 

If, on the other hand, you are interested in accommodation offered by private landlords, feel free to contact the UNIMORE International Welcome Desk (IWD) that offers an accommodation service for international students, through which we will provide you with information and the tools to find accommodation in Modena in due course.

Correspondents and contacts

Course correspondent

Professor Paolo Tartarini
Full Professor of Industrial Technical Physics
“Enzo Ferrari” Department of Engineering

For information

To learn more about the course, entry requirements, the context, and the opportunities, please email: